This support group helps in our healing process by being with those that understand us more than anyone else has before. I would have never believed it before … but it’s funny after a while it just happens … No need to try to explain why you feel this or that, you’ll find yourself in a place of acceptance and a place that fully understands what you’re feeling and thinking. As you listen to others discuss their journey, you will find yourself in those men, you will find peace in knowing it’s normal to feel the way you do, it’s normal to react in many different ways to this trauma you suffered as a child. Most importantly for me, it has eroded the guilt and shame I’ve carried for over 25 years. Healing is possible, the abuse is not normal, but our reactions are. Together we find our own way to heal and become the men we were destined to be”

 Join us today, change your life forever!!!
— A quote by a Current Member of Hope For Men