our story


We are a Not-for-Profit organization that offers support to Adult Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adult Male Victims of Sexual Assault.

Our Executive Director Glenn Allan was the original Facilitator and held weekly meetings for adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse / adult males sexually assaulted as men in Hamilton, Niagara and Brantford since 2005.

Hope for Men is an organization that’s committed to healing men who have been sexually abused as children and sexually assaulted as men. It is our belief that by healing the men that have suffered this childhood trauma will in turn improve society as a whole.

Staggering statistics show upwards of 99% of long-term incarcerated males are sexually abused as children. By not dealing with the trauma, this causes many negative side effects in these men as they try to cope as adults. As many as 93% of men (and women) seeking help for substance abuse are sexually abused as children. As the statistics clearly show, our men are in need of help and guidance. So many suffer in silence until it’s too late. With your help, we can reach out and offer help to these men, and guide them in their healing.

Let’s not forget,

  • 1 of 3 boys aged 0-12 are sexually abused

  • This translates to THOUSANDS of men who suffer is silence.

  • It is important for all survivors to know, they are not alone.

  • Although every healing journey is unique. Nothing you feel hasn’t already been experienced by one of our members.

  • There are not nearly enough facilities for men to seek treatment for their sexual abuse.